2018 Jan to June - Keep all your Random Thoughts right here!


Random Thoughts

It’s bitterly cold.

The bathroom “throne” is colder than outside.

My toilet intake for the tank froze. Heat up to 76F… it seems to have thawed. yay.

Taping cardboard along door jams and up the sides. Water bottles filled with sand block air from window sills.

Slush is ugly.

My leg hurts.

Doctors can be so… small minded.

People are just as rude after the holidays.

A friend is making beef stew for me…

I’m craving deviled eggs. Pile on Paprika. Yum!

Shelters are over-run with kitties. Adopt or donate food. :cat2:

I’m wondering who else new will show up in the Forum this year and post a message?


You missed a one . . . WindyCat2


I don’t have random thoughts. They are all very well organized - until I start thinking. Then they get misplaced, lost, or pop up when least expected. When I don’t think, they go back to being organized. Or at least that’s how they’re supposed to be working. I must be getting tired. Goodnight! :sleeping:


Think we’re all craving some new faces Smilies


I had a really random thought… When my son was being born, I was in the room with my wife. The doctor and nurse were in and out of the room every few minutes. Eventually, the doctor and some others went down to the cafeteria to eat - must have figured they had plenty of time. I stepped out of the room to place a phone call to my MIL and her phone was busy, busy, busy! So I called my SIL (sister-in-law) who lived down “around the corner” (a country corner :smile:). As I was telling my SIL her sister was going to have the baby, the doctor and several others came rushing out of the elevator and into the delivery room. I immediately got off the phone and started into the room, only to be met by a big, burly nurse (female :smile:) who said, “you can’t come in here! You’re contaminated!” She practically pushed me backward through the door and closed it! I stood there thinking, "wait a minute! If I’m contaminated, then isn’t the doctor and those others that just came off the elevator also “contaminated?” I never was allowed into the room to see my son being born, but get called a few not-so-choice words by my wife afterward. It was a dry birth. :neutral_face:


Hmmm… I almost messed up! I have apparently been a day behind according to the calendar. I haven’t worn a watch since I retired 19-1/2 years ago, and I really don’t pay much attention to what day of the week it is. Somehow, some way I thought today was the 28th of January. It’s actually the 29th! :hushed: I guess I better wish my wife “happy anniversary” when I wake up! :laughing: It’s only been 45 years! :persevere::anguished::confused::roll_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::wink:


Oh, that was a close call! Good luck; hope you don’t forget about it when you wake up!


Here it is 12 noon and I did forget about it. I’ll have to wish her a happy anniversary when she comes downstairs from putting our granddaughter down for her nap. See that? This forum is not only informative, but a life saver! :grinning: